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Microblading is our specialty

Microblading is a procedure that is newer to the DFW area but has been around for quite some time in Europe. Microblading is a procedure on the eyebrows that is semi-permanent. We use a hand tool with disposable micro blades to implant the pigment right under the superficial dermis of the skin. This allows the technician to create fine hair-like strokes that look like individual natural eyebrow hair.

Microblading is the most natural looking & advanced technique for beautiful eyebrows

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Master Microblading Artist of DFW Microblading
Head Microblading Artist | Dallas Location
Microblading Specialist

Meet Angela

Angela Teixeira is one of the Master Microblading Artists at DFW Microblading and manages the Dallas and Carrollton locations.

“Microblading has quickly become a passion of mine and something I’ve come to enjoy as more than just a job. I get to use my artistic skills to create beautiful brows that truly transform a woman’s face. I, myself, have my eyebrows microbladed and recommend it to everyone who wants to wake up in the mornings looking naturally and effortlessly beautiful!”

– Angela Teixeira

More About Microblading

Although microblading is less invasive than traditional eyebrow tattooing, it is still a procedure that requires pigment to be implanted into the dermal layers of the skin. For the procedure to be more comfortable for the client, an anesthetic is used to numb the brow area. When using a more manual hand held tool such as the micro blade(the tool used for the microblading procedure), the pigment is deposited closer to the surface than when a traditional tattoo machine is used, leaving very fine and crisp hair-like strokes with no spilling or bleeding of ink under the skin.

One of the many reasons that makes microblading different than tattooing is the fact that microblading is a manual procedure. Tattoo machines are not used during the procedure.
The microblading procedure is known to last between 1-2 years. After this period of time, the procedure may need to be done over again or a touch up will be required to re-implant the pigment under the skin.
The amount of time that it takes for the pigment to fade depends on the skin type and lifestyle of the client. Lots of sun exposure, scrubbing, or skin lightening cream usage can aid in the fading process. It is advised to use sunscreen and take gentle care of the brows.

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DFW Microblalding specializes in Eyebrow Microblading services using the best possible products and High-end equipment in the industry.

DFW Microblading has quickly become one of the most recommended microblading salons in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

From the very beginning, we have always been dedicated to raising the bar in the beauty industry, creating long lasting results and providing professional servicse in the Eyebrow Microblading industry. Our team is skilled and trained to perform the procedure with excellence and precision every time. Each artist is taught to listen to the client’s needs and wants. This allows for the results to be unique to each client. Our artists had to undergo extensive training on top of their microblading certification to become a DFW Microblading employee.

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities as well as using quality products and sterilized equipment and tools. We want each client to be 100% happy with their brows and to walk out of our office with confidence and joy. Our clients are also our walking advertisements so we care about the results as much as you do. Because we use quality pigments and blades, the outcome of the procedure is long lasting. We guarantee a year, but some clients may have results that last up to 3 years.

Microblading Questions and Answers:

We understand that when looking into getting a semi-permanent procedure done, you may want to do your research and ask alot of questions. Below is a list of common questions regarding the microblading procedure and what to expect. If there are any questions you may have that are not listed here, feel free to call us!

Who is it for?

This procedure is truly good for just about any woman or man. If you have very little brow hair, this procedure will be great for you. The lines we create blend beautifully with your natural hair to make your brows look fuller. We have also done a number of alopecia clients who had no hair at all to start with. For women who are tired of drawing their brows on daily, just for them to fade off by the end of the day; this is for you. If you want to go swimming without the fear of your brow makeup disappearing, microblading is your bff. If you liked the idea of brow tattooing, but wanted something more natural looking, microblading is the answer. And with the shape of eyebrows becoming an ever-changing trend, it’s great to get this procedure done knowing that it’s only semi-permanent and you have the ability to change it up as opposed to a permanent tattoo. Here at DFW Microblading, we do not do brows on anyone under the age of 18, unless the parent or guardian has signed off and is present. We will also use our discretion to deny the procedure if we see that the client’s skin is not fit to be microbladed on. If the brow area is red, rashy or irritated, we will not perform this procedure.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow procedure that lasts from 1-3 years. Using a manual hand tool with a microblade attached to the end of it, we create small, hairlike strokes that mimic your natural brow hair patterns. With each stroke, we dip the blade into pigment so that when we pass over the skin, the pigment is implanted underneath the first few layers. It does not go as deep as a tattoo. We pride ourselves in catering to each client’s personal desires and needs and creating a brow that fits your facial shape. Our team is always growing in knowledge with microblading. We stay up to date on the latest trends and tools. Our methods are innovative and precise.

Are Touch-ups Needed?

Microblading is a two-step process. The initial procedure and the touch up procedure. The touch up is necessary because since it is a manual procedure, there is room for human error. Some of the lines may not heal as well as others depending on the amount of pressure used to implant the pigment as well as the skin type of the client. In the touch up procedure, we will go over the lines again and re-implant the pigment where it did not stay from the first procedure. In rare cases, a third touch up is required.

Why is a blade used?

Because this is a manual procedure, a tattoo machine is not used. The microblading tool allows for the artist to have more control. The microblade does not go as deep as a traditional tattoo gun does and thus, the healing process usually takes less time than a tattoo.

What can I expect in the healing time?

The healing process is a little different for each person. It usually takes from 7 to 10 days depending on your age, aftercare and skin type. Your brows may feel itchy and may have redness and mild swelling after the procedure. It is common for the brows to scab or flake, but don’t worry. This process does not take long. The color of pigment will heal at about 40% less in boldness of color.  It’s very important to follow the aftercare instructions as closely as you can for the best results.

Will it Hurt?

Most people are more concerned about the pain than the actual results of the procedure. We understand that you may be nervous and that the idea of it being painful may make you uncomfortable. We do everything we can to make the procedure as painless as possible. We first use a topical numbing cream to numb the area before starting. Once the skin is opened, we use a second numbing gel to re-numb the area. In most cases, the pain is very minimal. There are certain circumstances that can hinder the anesthetics from working as well. For example, you are more sensitive if you are on your menstrual cycle. You may want to avoid getting the procedure done during that time.

Is Microblading Safe?

We use only the highest quality pigments. There have been no known reactions to the pigments we use. All of our tools are sterilized and our areas of work are cleaned daily.  Microblading is a safe procedure if performed by experts who know health code laws and how to do it properly. All of our artists are trained professionals.

How long does the semi-permanent brow procedure last?

Eyebrow microblading is semi-permanent and will eventually fade. For most people, the results last for a good year. There are many factors that can aid to or take away from the amount that the brows will fade and how quickly. If you are exposed to the sun often, if you use any skin lightening creams, if you use facial scrubs on your brows or chemical peels…etc. These things can cause your brows to fade quicker. We advise that you avoid using any products like this on your brows and use sunscreen if you know you’ll be in the sun.

Why do I need a touch up in 4-6 weeks?

Because the procedure is manual, the artist may vary in their pressure when using the microblading tool. Some lines may not heal as well as others which is why a touch up is necessary. We offer touch ups at no cost, so why not take advantage? It re-implants the pigment into the skin, making the color bolder and the lines crisp again.

Can I choose my technician?

Absolutely! Each of our artists have their own style, although they all work under the same process that they’ve been trained to do. If you have a preference in who works on you, just be sure to let us know so that we schedule you with the right person.

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